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"Tumbler that changes the atmosphere" Tumbler Bamboo Brown [Rivelet]


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Care method (There is no particular problem in normal use)

Caliber 75 x Height 145 mm Capacity approx. 250 m

Tumbler, L size that can be widely used for any purpose. Easy-to-use design that can be used in various scenes such as beer, cocktails, and soft drinks.
Recommended for beer. Moderately fine foam that clearly conveys creaminess and richness. The foam lid that remains firmly until the end does not let the original scent of wheat and hops escape, giving the impression that the beer feeling is gently maintained until the last bite.
Please enjoy the taste that can be expressed because it is a gentle touch created by handmade.

Moso bamboo used for RIVERET tableware grows greatly in a very short life cycle of 3 to 5 years. Since it grows with "rhizomes" that crawl in the ground, there is no need for excessive tree planting that destroys the ecosystem or the use of pesticides that lead to environmental pollution. Bamboo is a natural eco-resource that can be used efficiently and repeatedly with a minimum of land. It is one of the effective resource utilization methods to stop logging, which is one of the causes of environmental problems and global warming problems.

Dishwasher compatible
* Recommended hot water setting 70 ° C or less.
* Dishwasher detergent containing abrasives, bleach, etc. cannot be used.
Heat resistant temperature: 70 ℃ or less

All woodworking products / woodworking products sold by HANDinHAND are written with precautions from writers and factories, but recent woodworking products are within the range of normal use due to the development of coating technology etc. If you have one, you can use it without any problems, so don't worry. If you have any questions about normal usage, maintenance, repair, etc., please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.

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Return Guarantee

If the product is within one week of arrival, we can return the unused product without any burden on the customer.

The products handled by HAND in HAND are works made mainly of the skilled techniques of Japanese woodworkers and high quality domestic timber.

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