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Engraved square plate Innocent chestnut [Matsuya living with wood]


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Care method (There is no particular problem in normal use)

Width 29 cm x Depth 15.5 cm x Height 2 cm

A square plate made of solid chestnut.

Each piece is carved by hand, and the slightly warped shape toward the outside is an outstanding proportion that has been carefully crafted over time.

It's very light and durable, so it's easier to use than it looks, and it's a work that seems to be a big success from everyday use to important hospitality seats.

* After use, avoid dryers, dishwashers, and direct sunlight, and we recommend natural drying.

* Since the natural solid wood is cut as it is, there are differences in the grain, color and texture depending on the individual. note that.

All woodworking products / woodworking products sold by HANDinHAND are written with precautions from writers and factories, but recent woodworking products are within the range of normal use due to the development of coating technology etc. If you have one, you can use it without any problems, so don't worry. If you have any questions about normal usage, maintenance, repair, etc., please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.

Woodwork / wood products that are tasty and attached to you every time you use them are ideal gifts for loved ones. Please consider it.


Return Guarantee

If the product is within one week of arrival, we can return the unused product without any burden on the customer.

The products handled by HAND in HAND are works made mainly of the skilled techniques of Japanese woodworkers and high quality domestic timber.

Enjoy shopping at HAND in HAND with peace of mind with the return guarantee that you can do because you are confident.

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